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The Roadhouse Redeemers came together in 2023. All three of the band members have played together for many years. Steve and Buddy have played together since the early 2000's in the Chester County band Voodoo DeVille. Lori joined Voodoo DeVille in 2013 and they continue to play together in Voodoo DeVille today.

The formation of the Roadhouse Redeemers was driven by a couple of factors, particularly the Covid outbreak. As with many bands, Voodoo DeVille didn't play in public for nearly two years and we were itching to resume playing out more often. Even in 2023, the opportunities for a 7-piece Blues band to play locally were still lmited, with most opportunities being outdoor events. However, the opportunities for small groups - solo, duo, trio - at local bars and restaurants were increasing, and the set hours for these venues are typically much earlier. Forming a smaller group seemed like a good idea. We'll have to admit that age was another factor. Hauling a lot of PA equipment, amplifiers, etc. to a venue; setting it up; playing until Midnight or later; packing up all the equipment; ears ringing; and getting home at 2:00am was starting to get old (and tiring). And dividing the typical bar pay 7 ways didn't go too far.

Less equipment, earlier hours, lower volume, and fewer people to pay sounded pretty appealing, so the Roadhouse Redeemers were formed.